Tilting coil tongs from OX Worldwide

Tilting coil tongs from OX Worldwide are produced to order according to customer requirements. Below we will give you an insight into the possibilities as well as some key data.

Do you want to lift and/or tilt your coil as quickly as possible? Then we can recommend the tilting coil tong from OX Worldwide. Simple and quick positioning is possible thanks to the hydraulic clamp. This allows you to place your coil vertically or horizontally without worrying about safety.

The newly developed “OX-SELF BALANCING SYSTEM” and operation are carried out via the same overhead crane control or, on request, via radio remote control.

This product is specially made for maneuvering empty core elements, such as coils, rolls or tubes, etc., made of steel, aluminum, etc. You can also handle wire rod or hose rolls, paper rolls, concrete pipes, etc. with the coil turner.

You can also integrate additional options, such as: B. protective devices to protect against material damage as well as motorized turning, weighing and much more.

If you have any questions about this product, give us a call. We would be happy to advise you on tilting coil tongs.

Specifications of tilting coil tongs


  • Designed to turn individual coils from the vertical to the horizontal axis and vice versa
  • Minimize the risks to people and material associated with traditional coil handling with accessories such as chains, slings and even mechanical tipping C-hooks.
  • Alternative to a floor turner that requires a large available area to place the equipment as well as an additional space to access the front of the coil to load it with a forklift or other types of tools such as C-hooks, double C to access hooks or other lifting accessories.
  • The turning maneuver can be performed freely in any open area, e.g. where the coil is to be used, in the warehouse for better storage, next to the truck for loading or unloading, etc. You should still temporarily cordon off this area for a safe working environment.
  • The set includes a stand on which the tilting coil tong can be stored within reach of the crane hook.
  • Both the capacity and dimensions of the coils vary greatly, which is why OX Worldwide can also implement customized projects with individual dimensions and load capacities.


The delivery program includes various models, individual solutions are possible on request:

In addition, the C-hooks from OX Worldwide are suitable.