GST series forklift hooks

Forklift hooks of the GST model can be used flexibly with a swivel hook that rotates under load. The GST series is available for load capacities from 2 to 5 t. Attachment pockets for two forklift tines are secured by centrally arranged clamping screws.

Each GST forklift hook is tested to 150% of its load capacity before delivery.

The interior pocket dimensions are 164 x 80 mm.

These forklift hooks simply slide over the fork so you can lift loads with a forklift. Attaching this component to the forklift using a chain and hook prevents it from slipping. Below the traverse there is a hook for a lifting point. This allows you to attach and transport loads such as a big bag to your vehicle.

If you want to menauever big bags with a crane, we offer big bag lifting beams in various designs.

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Properties of forklift hooks


  • According to 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and EN 13155
  • Standard paint: 2-component paint RAL 2010, optionally hot-dip galvanized

Delivery program

The delivery program currently includes three models:

Forklift hooks
Article No.Capacity
forklift pockets
126.GST2002.000460164 – 8029
126.GST3003.000460164 – 8030
126.GST5005.000460164 – 8031

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