Shackles for lifting beams

You can also obtain shackles for your spreader beam system from us. This means we can offer you a complete package for your next lifting operation, where you can purchase all products from a single source.

No matter whether you need small or large shackles, bow or wide body versions – we will be happy to provide you with a complete offer so that nothing stands in the way of your next lifting operation.

The individual components are optimally coordinated with each other and thus ensure a reliable and safe lifting solution.

Depending on your choice of lifting beam, the size and type of the respective components for the spreader beam also change:

  • For all spreader beam models SB-09 to SB-110 from OX Worldwide, bow shackles (type H9) must be used as standard.
  • The SB-110/170 models as well as the SB-170 are combined with standard bow shackles (type H9). Optionally, it is also possible to use wide body shackles (only on request).
  • For models SB-250 and above, wide body shackles must be used (type H14).

We recommend the use of safety bolts in any case.

Please refer to the following table for the corresponding size and model number.

Data sheets for types H9, H10 and H14 can be viewed under the corresponding links.

Shackle overview
Spreader beam typeShackle TOPShackle BOTTOM
SB096.5 curved4.75 curved
SB1712 curved8.5 curved
SB2417 curved12 curved
SB3425 curved17 curved
SB5035 curved25 curved
SB7055 curved35 curved
SB11085 curved55 curved
SB110/170120 curved85 curved
SB170120 curved85 curved
SB170/250200 Wide Body125 Wide Body
SB250200 Wide Body125 Wide Body
SB250/400300 Wide Body200 Wide Body
SB400300 Wide Body200 Wide Body
SB400/600400 Wide Body300 Wide Body
SB600400 Wide Body300 Wide Body
SB600/800500 Wide Body400 Wide Body
SB800500 Wide Body400 Wide Body
SB1350800 Wide Body700 Wide Body
  • Sling Saver Roll

    suitable for connecting wire ropes with shackles or H-links

    (PDF document)

We can also offer all kinds of suitable slings for spreader beams:

If you need further details, we will be happy to help you.

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