Trolleys from OX Worldwide

OX Worldwide offers you a wide range of self-propelled trolleys to meet as many requirements as possible for handling heavy loads in a small space. In principle, the trolleys can be used in every industrial sector as well as in industrial moving services.

The self-propelled trolleys have a large load capacity of 30 to 150 tons and a very low height (260 mm to 450 mm) with the possibility of making full 360º rotations. The speed ranges up to 5 meters per minute.

Self-propelled trolleys are the perfect solution for moving, pulling and transporting loads.

Motorized trolleys consist of two parts: a tractor and rear axles, which perform a similar function to the rear axle of a truck. The trolleys are designed to operate with three-phase current, and some models are also equipped with a hydraulic lifting cylinder.

Alternatively, smaller trolleys that are operated manually are available for lighter loads.

Advantages of trolleys

Advantages of trolleys in general are as follows:

  • Self-propelled trolleys, 360° rotatable, with hub
  • Power supply: 220 or 380 VAC III 50 Hz and through battery module. Optional: other voltage and frequency
  • Chain and sprocket drive in each wheel
  • Supplied with a remote control or a pendant button
  • Rotating main hydraulic cylinder on some models
  • Speed: up to 5 m / minute (or by arrangement)
  • Polyamide wheels

Features of self-propelled trolleys

The self-propelled trolley consists of a rotating front trolley (ST-TBC) with reduced dimensions (due to large capacity) and a pair of rear trolleys (CT) connected to each other. These rear trolleys perform a function similar to that of the rear axle of a truck, carrying out the movements and maneuvers corresponding to this type of transport, but without restricting the rotation of the tractor.

The trolley carries large loads thanks to its numerous wheels made of small diameter polyamide wheels mounted on a tilting system (there is also the possibility of including some polyurethane wheels to improve traction). It has a very low height because it is designed to be placed under any type of structure, machine or element, thus allowing it to move with free rotation, supported by the load on its rotating plate. The front trolley is matched to the rear trolley pair (CT) or with another type of wheels installed under the load.

All self-propelled trolleys are controlled by a radio control or an auxiliary cable control (both included in all models). The maximum speed is 5m/min, and the trolley is designed for flat use (without inclines). However, it can be used on ramps up to a maximum of 3 degrees (although the certification does not provide for this and is the responsibility of the customer as it has no brakes, only a motor and the calculated capacity is reduced by including the slope). If there are special requirements, a standard brake can be installed.

At OX Worldwide there are two series of self-propelled chassis: OX-ST (three-phase electric) and OX-TBC (electro-hydraulic and batteries + lifting cylinders) to meet all needs when moving heavy loads. OX can also make adjustments depending on the specific application requirements.

Delivery program

Here you will find an overview of the current delivery program:


Electro-hydraulic self-propelled trolley with lifting cylinder and dual drive:

  • Connection to 3-Ph network or battery operated for autonomous driving for up to one hour
  • Load capacity: 60, 100 or 150 tons
  • Speed: up to 4m/min
  • Radio remote control


Electric self-propelled trolley:

  • Connection to 3-Ph network
  • Load capacity: 60 to 200 tons
  • Connection to 3-Ph network
  • Radio remote control

OX-STB Mini Force 30

Self-propelled trolley newly launched in 2022:

  • 360° rotatable
  • Power supply: 220 VAC 50 Hz, through battery module up to 1.5 hours of autonomy
  • Load capacity: 30 tons
  • Only 175 mm high
  • With touchscreen, WiFi and camera
  • Speed: up to 5 m / minute (or by arrangement)
  • Polyamide wheels

OX-CG Rotating Trolleys (manual)

Manual Rotating Trolleys for moving loads:

  • Load capacity: 4 and 6 tons
  • 360° rotatable
  • Mobile platform with freewheel
  • Combination with manual trolley possible
  • Polyamide wheels
  • Openings for attaching the load to the trolley and for moving the trolley without a load