Telescopic struts for modular spreader beams from OX Worldwide

Telescopic struts OX-SBT reduce the time required to a minimum. With this component you can quickly and easily adapt the usable length of your modulare standard spreader beam to changing lifting operations on site.

The telescopic struts are used in combination with standard struts and end units, maintaining the same load capacity. Models with a capacity of up to 110 tons are already in the delivery program of the lifting beam manufacturer from Spain. Other sizes up to 250 ton capacity will be available soon.

For comparison:
To change the length of a normal spreader beam, you usually need around 30 to 60 minutes. On the other hand, you can adjust the telescopic strut OX-SBT in just under 10 minutes.

Complete your modular spreader beam with this practical component! Currently the OX-SBT struts are available in capacities from 9 to 110 tons, 100% compatible with the OX-SB spreader beam. The special struts are currently available in two standard sizes: a length of 1.5 to 2.5 m and a length of 2.5 to 4.0 m.

On customer’s request, the manufacturer OX Worldwide can individually produce any length under 4 meters as well as larger capacity versions (up to 250 tons capacity currently under review).

Advantages of the telescopic strut

All OX Worldwide telescopic struts have the following advantages:

  • Easy handling

    By using the telescopic struts, you can adapt your modular spreader beam to different load spans on site with just a few steps. To lengthen, pull out the telescopic struts a little, to make them smaller, push them back in. The length adjustment is secured by a bolt.

  • Time saving

    In many cases, using the telescopic struts saves you time, as you only need one component instead of many individual struts in various lengths that you have to screw together again and again on site. This system is ideal if you need different lengths for lifting in a very short time. Save up to 80 % of the normal conversion time of a standard spreader beam.

Features of telescopic struts


To manufacture the telescoping struts, as with the spreader beams from OX Worldwide, structural steel and steel with a high elastic limit are used. These are optionally available with a 3.1. Material certificate delivered.


  • The primer of the products consists of sandblasting Sa 2.5 in accordance with ISO 8501-1.
  • This is followed by a layer of epoxy zinc phosphate primer with a thickness of 50 µm.
  • The finish is completed with two layers of polyurethane enamel paint RAL 2004.
  • Painting in your company color is possible on request, but with longer delivery times.

Example: inserted telescopic strut OX-SBT-50

Example: extended telescopic strut OX-SBT-50

Telescopic struts – delivery program

Telescopic struts are currently available in addition to the following spreader beam models from OX Worldwide.

If you have any questions about the delivery program, we will be happy to help you.

Delivery range of telescopic struts
Article No.ModelA
119.80220009R1525OX-SBT-09 15251.5002.50010040,5
119.80220017R1525OX-SBT-17 15251.5002.50010058
119.80220024R1525OX-SBT-24 15251.5002.50010085
119.80220034R1525OX-SBT-34 15251.5002.500100116
119.80220050R1525OX-SBT-50 15251.5002.500100185
119.80220070R1525OX-SBT-70 15251.5002.500100256
119.80220110R1525OX-SBT-110 15251.5002.500200381
119.80220024R2440OX-SBT-24 24402.4004.000100122
119.80220034R2440OX-SBT-34 24402.4004.000100167
119.80220050R2440OX-SBT-50 24402.4004.000100266
119.80220070R2440OX-SBT-70 24402.4004.000100367
119.80220110R2440OX-SBT-110 24402.4004.000100551

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