Grummets, slings and cable lay ropes

We offer you a complete range of grummets, slings and cable lay ropes for your lifting beams.

Grummets according to EN13414-3

We supply grummets in accordance with EN13414-3. These have diameters from 6 to 450 mm and lengths of up to 300 m. Optionally, we can also supply the grummets with sewn-on thimbles or with mounted suspension rings.

Ask us about the possibilities – we will be happy to advise you.

Slings according to EN13414-1

The following slings according to EN13414-1 are available from us:

  • Sling ropes with aluminium press clamps
  • Rope diameter from 8 to 60 mm
  • Available with various hooks and accessories
  • The following rope end connections are possible:
    • Aluminium press clamp
    • Splice
    • Flemish Eye

Cable lay ropes according to EN13414-3

These cable laid ropes made of single-layer round strand ropes (legs) according to EN13414-3 are laid with a fibre core (FC) or a steel core (IWRC), in a bare or galvanised version.

Constructions with FC fiber insert:

  • 6 x 6 x 19
  • 6 x 6 x 37

Constructions with IWRC steel insert:

  • 6 x 6 x 19
  • 6 x 6 x 36

Various rope end connections possible:

  • Aluminium press clamp
  • Short splice
  • Long splice

If you need advice on loops and edge protection, please contact us.

We can also offer you suitable shackles for your lifting device:

  • High Alloy bow shackle H9
  • Bow shackle H10 with safety pin
  • Bow shackle H10 SUPER with safety pin
  • Wide Body Shackle H14

Further details you will find on our Shackles product page.