HMPE corner protection against premature wear

We can provide you with various HMPE corner protectors as a perfect addition to your (spreader) lifting beam system. In this way, we can offer you a complete package for your next lifting operation, where you can purchase all products from a single source. We always ensure that the individual components are optimally coordinated to ensure a reliable and safe lifting solution.

To protect against sharp edges, we recommend the soft corner protection made of HMPE in various designs.

HMPE corner protectors

Vulnerable load points and corners, sharp edges and sensitive loads must be specially protected. The HMPE corner protectors are used in combination with the lifting strap to protect the lifting device, the load and, above all, you and your employees on site. The result is increased safety in the work environment and a longer lifespan for your slings or ropes. This increases the efficiency of your lifting solution and saves costs.

Definition of sharp edges:

When we talk about sharp edges, we use the general formula “edge radius < material thickness of the lifting strap”. A sharp edge does not necessarily mean an angle as sharp as a knife, but rather an acute angle in relation to the bending radius of the lifting strap.

Properties of HMPE corner protectors:

  • Heavy-duty HMPE is extremely resistant to wear, cutting, perforation and tearing. It protects your lifting equipment and thus increases its service life.
  • Velcro fasteners allow the edge protection to be easily attached and adjusted. Fast and efficient, indispensable when safe and adequate action is particularly important.
  • The edge protector can also be used to protect the object or delicate load from damage caused by steel cables or chains or during repeated actions.
  • The corner protection consists of two layers of 3 mm thick HMPE material. This makes it robust and strong, but without losing flexibility.
  • The manufacturer uses a special fabric that was developed based on years of experience. This makes the edge protection very cut-resistant and tear-resistant, which increases safety.
  • Use corner protectors to ensure the safety of people and your load with the lowest risk of bending fatigue, stretching or empty voids.
Standard range HMPE edge protection

If you need advice on edge protection, please contact us.

We can also offer you suitable shackles for your lifting device:

  • High Alloy bow shackle H9
  • Bow shackle H10 with safety pin
  • Bow shackle H10 SUPER with safety pin
  • Wide Body Shackle H14

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