Multi lug container beams from OX Worldwide

The multi lug container beams from OX Worldwide are versatile and have a relatively low weight compared to container beams. This perforated lifting beam also offers numerous attachement points at regular intervals and can therefore be adapted to different lifting processes.

Practical forklift pockets enable easy handling with a forklift, exclusively for transport purposes without a load. These pockets may not serve as additional lifting points at any time.

You can also order storage feet as an additional option, which make storing the lifting beam easier. Please remember to remove these feet before each lifting process.

This model is currently available in 15 t, 24 t and 34 t versions.

On the top side it is possible to use the multi lug beam with a central shackle (as a lifting beam), but alternatively also with a 2-leg suspension (i.e. as a spreader beam or a semi-spreader; please always take the sling angles into account). Regardless of which configuration is used, the load capacity always remains the same. These options are identical to the conventional multi lug beam.

Advantages of a multi lug container beam

Advantages of OX Worldwide multi lug container beams are as follows:

  • High versatility and flexibility

    The multi lug container beams can be used flexibly to lift a 20 ft or 40 ft container or as a conventional multi lug beam with two or more attachment points, depending on what your next lifting operation requires. This model also has a lower weight than the OX
    container beam.

  • Robustness

    Thanks to their design, the multi lug container beams offer a robust and versatile solution for many lifting maneuvers.

  • Low cost

    The multi lug container beams have a very good price-performance ratio.

Use of the lifting beam

The drawing – see below – shows how the multi lug container beam can be used.

Zeichnung zum korrekten Einsatz einer Multi-Loch-Container-Traverse von der Seite gesehen
Zeichnung zum korrekten Einsatz einer Multi-Loch-Container-Traverse
Technische Spezifikationen der Multi-Loch-Container-Traversen

Specifications of the multi lug container beam


The multi lug container beams are made of mild steel and steel with high elastic limit. They are optionally available with a 3.1. Material certificate.


  • The primer of the lifting beams consists of sandblasting Sa 2.5 without standard: SIS 05 59 00.
  • Painting is carried out in accordance with ISO 12944, category C2.
  • This is followed by a coat of epoxy zinc phosphate primer.
  • The finish is completed with two layers of polyurethane enamel paint in RAL 2004.


The company OX Worldwide is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 3834-2 certified. The following guidelines are used for design and production:

  • The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • The EN ISO 12100: 2012; Safety of machines – general design principles – risk assessment and risk reduction
  • The EN 13155:2004+A2:2009; Cranes – Safety – Loose lifting devices
  • The FEM 1.001 – Issue 1; Calculation bases for cranes
  • The EN 10204; Metallic products – types of test certificates (2004)
  • The ISO 8539:2009-03; Forged steel lifting parts for use in grade 8 round steel chains

Our all-round carefree service for you:

We would be happy to provide you with a complete offer for the multi lug container beams. Just ask us about suitable shackles and slings!