Lifting container in stable frame construction

The loading box with a sturdy frame construction is equally suitable for Euro or industrial pallets. It is used with a 4-strand chain sling. This means you can easily lift and transport the loading box using a crane hook. The flat floor makes loading and unloading the box easier as you can easily drive in and out. This feature in particular is a great advantage compared to similar transport boxes, which often have entry pockets for forklifts and thus have a certain “tripping hazard”.

To ensure reliable and safe use, each LB150 loading box is tested to 150% of its load capacity before delivery.

In addition, the maximum load capacity is 1,500 kg. The extra safety tube on the wing door at the front also reliably closes the box so that the load is safely stowed away. This tube profile is only needed when lifting and can be completely removed to facilitate loading and unloading.

The four close-meshed grid walls ensure that no loose parts or goods can fall down. This way you get an extremely safe lifting solution.

If you are interested in our LB150 charging box, we would be happy to send you an offer for this product – free of charge and without obligation.

Features of the loading box


  • Lifting box for cranes
  • According to 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and EN 13155
  • Painting: 2-component paint RAL 2010
  • Other dimensions and load capacities are available on request

Delivery program LB150

The delivery program currently includes the model LB150 with the following dimensions:

Lifting container
Article No.Capacity

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