Modular spreader frames from OX & RUD Lifting Solutions

The modular spreader frame from OX & RUD Lifting Solutions achieves spans of up to 24 x 24 m thanks to variable strut lengths and is suitable for loads of up to 250 t. Modular frames with a capacity of 9 to 170 t are also in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice (subject to prior sale). Due to the design of the corner units, the frames can be used as a square or a rectangle.

The same applies here: the frame struts may consist of a maximum of six struts per side, with the longest component being placed in the middle of the configuration. The more struts you use, the greater your flexibility in being able to react to intermediate lengths during subsequent lifting operations.

Modular spreader frames with four attachment points are particularly suitable for use where working heights are limited.

Using four matching corner units, struts (which may already be present) can be assembled to form a 4-point spreader frame. Such a lifting solution is ideal if you need more than two lifting points and the working height is limited, i.e. if a cascade arrangement of normal standard spreaders is not an option.

Each component is provided with a nameplate so that it can be assigned quickly and safely. The load capacities at different lengths are detailed in the user instructions.

Advantages of a modular spreader frame
Properties of a modular spreader frame
Information about the sling angle
Spreader frame delivery program

Advantages of a modular spreader frame

There are numerous advantages to using modular spreader frames. We have therefore briefly summarized the main arguments for you here:

  • Low installation height

    Due to their low installation height, the modular spreader frames are an optimal solution when there is little lifting height. In contrast, a 1-over-2 configuration of standard spreader beams would require far more displacement. This alternative solution also allows for four lifting points.

  • Easy and quick assembly / dismantling

    Thanks to the modular construction system, the spreader frames from OX & RUD Lifting Solutions are not only easier to transport but also easier to store. The easy handling allows for quick assembly and dismantling.

  • High versatility

    The individual struts in various lengths enable the spreader frame to be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the respective lifting process. Various combinations of the individual components give you a lot of flexibility in terms of spans and load-bearing capacity. This means you can easily respond to short-term requests for a solution with four attachment points! With the help of appropriate end units, you can quickly turn the struts into a standard spreader beam.

  • Lower transportation costs

    Due to the modular principle, the individual components are much smaller in size than a complete spreader beam. This means that the spreaders can be delivered easily, which reduces transport costs. Special transport is not required here.

  • Short-term delivery

    The Spanish manufacturer OX & RUD Lifting Solutions offers a wide range of spreader beams and has many components for spreader frames in stock with a load capacity of up to 170 tons, so that short-term deliveries can also be made.

  • Waterproof components

    The components of the OX & RUD modular spreader frames are closed on the sides. This prevents the entry of moisture and the associated corrosion. These spreader beams are therefore ideal for shipping, the offshore sector and the oil and gas sector.

Properties of a modular spreader frame


Mild steel and steel with a high elastic limit are used to manufacture the spreader frames. Delivery including a 3.1 Material certificate is possible (must be confirmed when ordering).


  • The primer of the products consists of sandblasting Sa 2.5 in accordance with ISO 8501-1.
  • This is followed by a layer of epoxy zinc phosphate primer with a thickness of 50 µm.
  • The finish is completed with two layers of polyurethane enamel paint RAL 2004.
  • Painting in your company color is possible upon request, but with longer delivery times.
  • Further options upon request.


Attention! The modular frame spreader beams do not have DNV-GL type approval.

Information about the sling angle

The sling angle influences the required sling length. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Important notes:

  • Slings and shackles must never come into direct contact with the spreader frame. Be sure to maintain a sufficient distance between them!
  • The sling angle of the lower slings must not exceed -6°/+6° at any time, even with the spreader frame!

Our all-round carefree service for you:

We would be happy to provide you with a complete offer for the modular spreader beams. Just ask us about suitable shackles and slings!

Spreader frame delivery program

You can easily find out which modular spreader frame fits from the load capacity and span table. Finding the right spreader beam model for a regular lifting process is very easy: first select the required load capacity and then the required span. You will now receive the variant from the spreader frame delivery program that best suits your current project.

Please be sure to observe the capacity limits. If the weight to be transported is at a limit, it is advisable to select the higher category and therefore the more stable model. If the nominal load capacity is exceeded, the safety of the traverse is no longer guaranteed.

We would also be happy to advise you on more complicated projects. These are, for example:

  • lifting goods with a shifted center of gravity
  • Loads with more than four lifting points

CU-OX-SB-09 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-09 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-17 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-17 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-24 / Sling angle 30°

Tabelle zu Tragfähigkeit - Spannweite der CU-OX-SB24 bei einem 30°-Anschlagwinkel

CU-OX-SB-24 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-34 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-34 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-50 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-50 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-70 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-70 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-110 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-110 / Sling angle 45°

CU-OX-SB-170 / Sling angle 30°

CU-OX-SB-170 / Sling angle 45°